Stand Out & Be Counted

18 06 2009

We estimate that only one in 120 Twitter users have a circular picture to represent themselves. The other 119 are squares. Can you find the circular logo on this followers list:


Effective marketing begins with being noticed.


Twitter is Going Green for Iran

17 06 2009

greencircle4Twitter seems to be the main line of communication for getting news out of Iran. The powers that be have cut off or severly curtailed most media sources, but Twitter seems to be beyond their control. In response, millions of Twitter users around the world are changing their avatars to green in support. If you go on line and use the #green4iran, #gogreen and/or #iranelection, a sea of green will appear.

If you are on Twitter and would like to create a green avatar for yourself, there is an easy way to do it. Go to Just upload your picture, hit “create,” then hit “effects,” then hit “night vision” and you’re done. Then save it back on your own computer and you’re ready to upload to Twitter.